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About us

StarblindsUK is a British company specializing in everything window-related, be it blinds, or curtains, or nets and voiles. We believe that beautiful homes deserve beautiful windows, and one of the easiest ways to obtain them is by covering them with high-quality and well-fitting blinds or curtains. Which is why we offer you custom made products, cut to your specifications, to ensure that your experience in purchasing from us is perfectly enjoyable from the first to the last step. Choose between Roman blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, or thick curtains to create a cozy, mellow atmosphere inside your home, as well as to protect your privacy, or go for an airy, delicate look with colorful nets and voiles.   Our Products We never compromise on quality ! At we like to combine quality with great value. All our made to measure products are available at the best price possible and we offer an extended 3 year guarantee as standard on all our made to measure products.   Our website We’ve invested considerable time and effort to make sure that our online store matches the quality of the products. We’ve tried to keep the whole experience as simple as possible from the first step to the last one, but if you have any su... read more

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